Taking care when you're not there

Because your greens deserve a vacation too!


We ensure your plants are well-hydrated, maintaining the right balance to keep them flourishing.


We take care of your plants, including trimming and using a special spray, to keep them healthy and thriving.


We provide thorough plant-dusting services, ensuring your plants can breathe and stay clean and healthy.

Come home to a green haven!

Welcome to plantsitting.nl, where your plants become our green companions! Our team is genuinely excited about pampering your leafy friends.

Whether you’re off chilling on vacation, on a short work trip, skiing down the mountain slopes, or soaking up the sun at the beach, we have¬†your back.

From keeping them hydrated and expertly pruned to giving them extra care and a bit of dusting love, we’re here to make sure your plants thrive and look their absolute best.

We don’t just offer services; we’re on a mission to create a jungle of joy in your home. While you are making new memories, we are looking after your plants so you can return home well-rested to a green haven, filled with beautiful, thriving greenery.